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Even although the world populace has shifted from mainly rural to essentially urban in the last decade, there are still lots of folks like me who live in the sticks. Doing things like compelling a yoga class becomes a atypical thing in our case from energetic to the area gym. Since I live 40 miles from the bordering town large adequate for yoga studios, when I certain to take a class, I was more concerned in the schedule than I was the type of yoga. I couldn't afford to be picky if I chosen not to wait about for a couple hours after being paid off work. So I looked in the phone book, and didn't pay interest to something but the schedule. There it was: M-W-F at 4:00. Perfect. I don't know what rock I'd been existing under, but the word "Bikram" writ large athwart the ad in the fair pages didn't trigger the term 'hot yoga' in my mind, and that left me in for a big surprise.

I showed up with a comfy pair of sweatpants and a long- sleeved t-shirt. As the woman at the desk was generous me a little orientation in order - clearing up that the room was heated to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit - I realized that my idea of yoga clothes weren't going to work here. Apparently, I wasn't the first to make this error. Susie told me they had loaners. Now, it's been a while since the last time I wore hot-pants, so when she handed me the little scrap of shorts, I thought, "No way. " She said, "Trust me, you'll fit right in. "

Susie continued, charitable a few more orientation tips, which started to seem like a set of warnings. "Our first-time students are buoyant to rest at any time you feel you should - kind of take it gradually. The instructors just ask that you do your best to stay in the room for the entire time. " What? Were we still conversation yoga here? I'd seen pictures. Sure, I might not be able to assess on one leg while investment the other one over my head at my first try, but come on. How hard could it be to stretch as far as I could go and stop there? Why would I get careless to leave the room?

Her next suggestion: "OK, I see you brought a jug of water. That's good, but you'll be tempted to drink a lot, and I commend you just drink sips - not too much at a time. " Hmm. What was I being paid into here? It sounded like I was facing some kind of test - not what I had in mind at all since I was assessment of yoga as a peaceful, low- impact way just to stretch and keep my aging body flexible and strong.

Once I was dressed in the hardly bit of shorts, I opened the door to the yoga studio and was met with a rush of hot, stultifying air. Oh goody. I walked to an open space, spread my mat, lay on my back, and silent just what she meant by asking me to at least stay in the room. I was already dripping sweat, and we hadn't even begun the class.

Ninety action and twice by means of the 26 poses later, I was indeed still in the room. In the non-competitive, supportive environment I had been from tip to toe guided to go to my edge, but not so far that I would be twisted off by struggle. In fact, I was exhilarated. I lay on my back at the end, eyes congested in the peaceful, very hot room, and knew I'd be back for more.

Carina Snowden is a contributing cause to Apex Yoga News the leading resource for yoga information. Visit Carina's archive of articles at http://www. apexyoga. com/


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