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Yoga is scheming of opinion arising in the mind. When feelings are forbidden or not permitted by means of practice, the seer or practitioner(yogi) rests in his true self or soul(atman). Any you hang about in true self or be in charge of thoughts, the other will consequence automatically. In true self one shall not see or hear anything. Bcause there is none other than the self. When there is whatever thing other than the self, one shall see or hear something. When all has merged in the pure consciousness of the true self, when there is none other than the self, what is to see or hear?

Everybody has this come across in deep sleep. In the waking and dreaming states all and sundry sees or hear something. But when one enters into deep sleep nonentity is seen or heard of. This is for the reason that the mind and senses are wrapped up in the pure consciousness of an individual. With the mind and senses all objects, all worlds, all requests are engrossed in pure consciousness. For this one feels the bliss after a sound sleep. This bliss is very less in comparision to the bliss one may feel by resting in true self consciously or knowingly.

A practitioner(yogi) does not continually linger in true self. In the other state or when he is not in a yogic state, he corpse in his thoughts(I. 4). As a being navigates among waking, dreaming and deep sleep states, so a Yogi any ashes in true self or carcass in judgment and actions. In that state self, mind and belief befit one. For this a yogi achieves at all he desires, for the reason that soul is all powerful. He knows how to put his self in his accepted wisdom or action.

Patanjali describes that there are five types of feelings and each accepted wisdom may also be of pleasure or of pain(I. 5). Thoghts are of five types since we have five sense organs. The attention connected to each sense organ may any be of pleasure or of pain. The sight of chieldren in concert is of pleasure where the sight of a dead body is of pain. This way there are ten types of thoughts.

Patanjali in his Yogasutra added describes - each of these ten types of belief may additional be at odds into five types based on proof(pramana), opposite(viparyay), alternative(vikalpa), sleep(nidra) or memory(smriti)(I. 6). So in all there are fifty types of thoughts.

Thoughts based on proof are percieved absolutely all through senses or by means of mind. Senses perceive the exterior experienced matter and mind realises the true self. So there be supposed to not be doubt as regards there presence. Being of sun or moon is a proven thought. If a blind believes that sun or moon does not exist, he is in contrary accepted wisdom or opinion. If a man believes that he has no self or soul or soul is lesser to a big shot called God, he is in conflicting brain wave or dualism. The Upanishads proclaim that soul is Brahman, the best Reality. When ancestors cannot perceive a thing absolutely and keep on in contradictory thoughts, they depend upon different or imaginary thoughts. Associates cannot perceive God direcly and for that they make statues of Gods and Goddesses and collect yourself mythology and accept as true in them. Feelings categorised as sleep lack all kinds of sound awareness or consciousness. Ancestors keep on in perpetual darkness of ignorance. Mindless and irrational community and pious practices are naught but ignorance. Such ignorance is stored up in the mind as memory. It hides the truth and one fails to appreciate the consequence of proven thoughts. Spiritual and yogic upliftment is achievable only when one accepts the proven thoghts.

Author Mr Premansu Chand,40, is an Indian and effective as Govt. servent. He takes pleasure in spiritual books and practices Yoga. He has available a book "quest for truth: the spiritual and yogic way" recently. Biographer tries to tell spiritualism and yoga in its purest form.

http://www. bookstobelievein. com/questfortruth. php

Premansu_chand@rediffmail. com


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