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Yoga is the most exalted field of spiritualism. Citizens think about 6 wheels (Chakras) or lotus vegetation acquaint with in the spinal card, which are not seen by the eyes. They are imaginary and so they carry some inner meaning. When you say a face as a moon, fools examination for moon in that face. But, wise colonize see similarity in the face and moon. Similarly, wheels and lotus plant life must not be searched in the spinal card. Spinal card is the main nerve, on behalf of mind, which is the base of love.

All these wheels or lotus vegetation are the bonds of love in the a range of relatives like parents, wife or husband, kids etc. They are compared to wheels or the gyrating whirlpools in the ocean, which be a focus for a swimmer and drown him. Similarly, these love wheels are compared to lotus flowers, since the lotus vegetation be a magnet for the bee by sweet aroma and bind it. Similarly, these love flora appeal to any one and bind them. "Kundalini" is the mind which is the energy travelling as waves like a serpent, must cross all these love wheels associated to 7th lotus flower in the head called "Sahasrara", which is Buddhi or aptitude that takes the decision, which is the firm love on God.

Bhagavat Gita is called as the main scripture of Yoga (Yoga-Sastra). Why there is not even free citation to these wheels or lotus plant life in everyplace in Gita or even in Upanishats? Since they are not real, they are not even mentioned. The creator of the Gita was Krishna, who was called Master of Yoga (Yogeswara). Krishna also says that the real yoga was lost since long (Sa kaleneha mahata?. ). This means that in the beginning, Sages in India knew the real yoga and loved God only crossing all their breed bonds. In due avenue of time only, this true yoga was lost. Why? The center age Indians were not capable to cross their ancestors bonds and so botched to be successful in Yoga.

They sought after to cover their in capability by twisting the very hypothesis of yoga. The category bonds were disinterested from the conception and only wheels or lotus plant life are left fixed. Now, they close the eyes and say that they have seen the lotus plants or wheels, which are only imaginary. Now they cross these wheels by their imaginary "Kundalini" and say that they have succeeded in Yoga. These blind teachers are also not to be blamed, for the reason that they were qualified like that by their blind teachers. This misconception was done long time back and hence, even at the time of Krishna, He told that yoga was lost since a long time.

We cannot catch those fundamental culprits, who were the top most twisting masters and so the acquaint with tradition also cannot be blamed. Only alteration is the way left over. Some say that they see light, which is only an imagination. After all, the mind is a form of energy and on its concentration imaginary light can be imagined. As a substitute of such a week light, you advance see a biting light with your open eyes. What is the use of these imaginary illumination and colours, exclusive of achieving the Lord by means of your love, which excels the a mixture of worldly, loves.

I pity the foreigners, who are attentive in this false imaginary line of yoga, who are killing their precious existence and energy. In fact, they are the best to be a success in yoga, if the authenticity of the yoga is exposed. Their category bonds are very weak and their love towards God is real, which is proved by their huge sacrifice of money to God's work. Money is the fruit of work and its sacrifice for God's work is "Karma phala tyaga" as mentioned in Gita. Again, the average age Indians twisted this word "Karma phala tyaga" as sacrifice of the fruit of the work like praying God as a substitute of sacrifice of money.

The argue was that these Indians were not capable to sacrifice money to God due to their brawny love on their children. Foreigners ask their family to earn after a number of age. Indians store money even for ten generations and still carry on to store only. Since prayers, consideration and data are very much diverted to God, India was blessed by God with good language, good mind and good knowledge.

Since foreigners are good in sacrifice, God blessed them with good wealth. Even Indian spiritual centres were ardently funded by foreigners only. Swami Vivekananda cried, "Why my India suffers with poverty in spite of so much spiritual knowledge?" Sacrifice of money (Karma phala tyaga) and sacrifice of work (karma Sanyasa) put at once constitute the God's service, which is the real Yoga (real proof of love) called "Karma yoga" in Gita. Foreigners are the best in this karma yoga and so they certainly be successful in yoga. During Gita, this karma yoga was explained as yoga and wheels or lotus flora are not at all mentioned.

Datta Swami
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